Construction Jobs In Canada: Consider These Skilled Trades

Construction Jobs In Canada: Consider These Skilled Trades

If you are changing your career trajectory and are looking for a new construction job, you may want to consider some positions that are different from your current line of work. While positions such as plumber, electrician, and carpenter are all fantastic construction jobs that can lead to rewarding careers, there are other construction jobs that can be fulfilling construction career pathways . By finding the right construction job in the skilled trades, you can start on a path to a rewarding career. Whether you are new to construction, are looking to change careers, or just want to know what other opportunities are out there, here are some construction jobs you may not have considered to pique your interest.

Construction Jobs

Safety Manager
Safety is of the utmost importance on a construction site. There are lots of different ways a person can suffer a workplace injury and safety managers are there to ensure these risks are minimized. A safety manager implements rules and procedures to increase workplace safety. They perform inspections and audits to ensure that all equipment is up to the legal standard and that workers are following safety protocols. This construction job also requires the safety manager to provide safety training, track workplace incidents, and complete injury report investigations. This construction job is critical to the sector and will never become obsolete, as safety is always a top priority in construction.

Equipment Operator
This construction job requires a person to have the ability and experience to operate the variety of equipment that is needed on a construction site. An equipment operator needs a driver's license as well as certain specialty licenses, such as a forklift operator's license. Equipment operators may have to go through additional safety training before they can start operating their large machinery with a new company. Equipment operators may be asked to use forklifts, bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, road rollers, and more.

Construction Labourer
This term refers to labourers who perform a variety of physical construction jobs on the worksite. The specific duties of construction labourers depend on the nature of the project, but these team members typically get the space cleaned, ready, and safe for work to commence. Construction labourers are also tasked with general construction work and they lend their talents to a variety of teams at the worksite. This position is ideal for people who are just starting their careers and want to figure out which construction job is right for them.

This construction job requires physical labour and a comprehension of colour theory. Painters can work either inside or outside but they need to have an understanding of paint and the different types used for different functions. A painter may need to work directly with clients to ensure the colour choices are correct and cohesive. This construction job is typically one of the last steps of a construction project. Most painters will predominantly use paint rollers, brushes, and sprayers, and painters may have to get into some very tricky spots and very high areas.

As the name implies, this construction job centred on boilers, although boilermakers also need to know about closed vats and tanks. Boilermakers are involved in the production, maintenance, and installation of boilers and adjacent equipment. This construction job requires a steam engineering ticket and other qualifications, such as trade school programs.

Find Construction Jobs With A Staffing Agency

Whether you are new to construction and looking for an entry-level construction job, are hoping to change fields, or are on the hunt for a position you are highly experienced in, a staffing agency can help you find the right construction job. At Matrix Labour Leasing, we match candidates to the right companies based on your qualifications, values, and career goals. Our staffing agency team works tirelessly to find the right construction job for you and registering with a staffing agency offers candidates many benefits. If you are interested in a construction job, contact Matrix Labour Leasing at 1-403-201-9520 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Where can I find construction jobs in Canada?
A: You can begin your job search at our in-house job board.

Q: How can Matrix Labour Leasing help find me a job in the construction sector?
A: Matrix Labour Leasing is in constant contact with contracting companies looking for temp-to-hire and direct-hire workers. Depending on the nature of the role, we can either recommend you to one of our contracting companies or offer you a temporary contract ourselves.

Q: Where does Matrix operate?
A: While Matrix Labour Leasing is a Calgary-owned and based business, our staffing agency places workers in construction jobs all across Canada and in the US.

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