How to Use a Temp Agency to Hire Employees

Working with our leading Calgary temp agency can help you quickly fill those vacant construction jobs with skilled, experienced workers. 

Working with a temp agency is a great staffing solution for both short and/or long-term construction jobs. The agency can help interview, screen and test applications and choose the best employee for you based on the list of skills and requirements you provide.

 Some of the benefits of working with a temp agency such as Matrix include:

  • Allows your company to save money on health insurance & other benefits
  • More efficient hiring process
  • Increased productivity, especially during the busier seasons
  • Brings innovation and new skills to the construction job

 At Matrix, our professional team strives to help construction businesses across Canada recruit, manage and mobilize skilled labor to keep you growing and competitive in the industry.

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How to Use a Temp Agency to Hire Employees

Hiring workers for construction jobs on a temporary basis is a great alternative to permanent hires because it gives you the flexibility to stay up to date with ever-changing economic and market demands.

Temp agencies can be a great partner in your search for skilled and professional temporary workers. However, before choosing this staffing solution, it’s important to understand how to work with such a firm.

Here are some factors you should keep in mind when working with a temp agency:

What position are you looking to fill?

Before you decide to hire a temp agency, it’s important to determine what type of construction job you are looking to fill and what your employee-needs are. 

FOR EXAMPLE: you might find that you occasionally need short-term employees for workers who are sick or go on vacation. Or long-term employees might be needed if you have an open position and you aren’t ready to commit to hiring a permanent employee. 

Whatever your needs, it’s important to make a list of your current and projected temporary employment requirements so that you can provide the temp agency with an overview of all your staffing needs.

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Interview several temp agencies

Choosing the right staffing firm for your business can increase your chances of getting & retaining qualified temp workers. To ensure you are consistently happy with the temp employees filling your construction jobs, you need to take the time to research & select a firm that is compatible with your own.

Some of the things you should keep in mind when doing your research include:

1. Speciality

Every temp agency will have its own speciality in regards to the workers they hire. This could be position specific e.g. administrative assistants or industry specific e.g. construction industry, hospitality or automotive services. The agency you choose to work with should be directly related to the staffing needs you currently have and expect to have in the future. Our agency specializes in 6 industries.

2. Quality  of Candidates

The benefits of this staffing solution are only as good as the quality of the candidates. To ensure you’re getting quality temps, look at the types of employees the agency is bringing in.

Make sure their workers are not simply unemployed people who can’t find jobs but have the necessary experience and expertise you need.

3. Recruitment Process

The effort and recruiting methods a temp agency uses can tell you a lot about the quality of candidates. While some firms will simply use the internet or job boards, others will employ ingenious ways to seek out top talent.

At Matrix, we use an innovative business networking platform - Matrix Connect - to quickly match skilled professionals with relevant construction jobs.

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4. Screening Process

Screening is one of the main reasons a company chooses to work with a temp agency. Each firm will have its own set of testing in order to evaluate potential candidates.

The more in depth the agency’s screening process, the more likely it is that you will be receiving quality temp workers.

5. Discuss training & skill verification

Before hiring a temp agency, find out what methods the firm uses to test and improve their candidates’ skills. Ask what kind of training it offers (safety training is especially important in the construction industry) and whether or not they offer their employees opportunities for continued education.

 At Matrix, we believe in helping both our clients and employees grow and stay competitive in a healthy and safe work environment. A safety ticket program is run out of our state-of-the-art training facility to ensure that all our employees have the required safety training before applying for a construction job.

This ensures that our employees:

  • Are able to recognize and avoid major hazards on the construction job site
  • Understand the role of the workforce in improving the current safety culture
  • Understand how to properly handle and maintain construction tools & equipment
  • Develop effective communication skills to improve safety on the job site 
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Keep Communication Clear & Transparent

Using a temp agency as a staffing solution is a common practice that can help you hire and keep talented employees. While the firm’s recruiters will take care of the majority of work associated with finding and selecting potential candidates, it’s important to remember that your involvement is key.

 A certain level of communication and coordination is required between you and the recruitment firm to ensure that your staffing needs are met properly. Some of the ways you can keep good communication between your company & a temp agency include: 

  • Giving the agency a realistic deadline for recruiting skilled workers
  • Being very specific when it comes to the job details & skills needed for the construction job
  • Keeping the agency informed of any changes so that they can adjust their recruitment process accordingly
  • Staying involved in the recruitment process either through regular face-to-face discussions or email updates


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