Why Do Businesses Choose To Hire Through Staffing Agencies?

Why Do Businesses Choose To Hire Through Staffing Agencies?

Hiring new workers can put various strains on your business. It can take time away from your employees who have duties beyond hiring, it can be risky, it can be costly, and more. If you are looking to hire qualified workers who will fit in with your company culture but you don’t want to risk other complications associated with hiring new employees, staffing agencies can help. Staffing agencies can offer recruiting and hiring services that streamline the hiring process and deliver highly capable workers without taking up your valuable company time. Learn the major benefits of hiring through staffing agencies.

Benefits Of Hiring Through Staffing Agencies

Flexible Staffing
Your company may be hesitant to hire new staff for several reasons. Perhaps you have lots of work right now but will eventually hit a slow season and you don’t want to be overstaffed. Or perhaps you are worried about the potential expenses incurred with a failed hire. Whatever the concern may be, staffing agencies can provide the solution. Staffing agencies help you lower the chances of failed hires by selecting candidates who are qualified and who align with your company values. Staffing agencies also offer more than one type of staffing solution. If you are in a busy season that will slow down later, hire through temp staffing. These qualified workers are only seeking temporary contracts and can end their employment when your company no longer needs the extra workers.

Reduced Risk
When you hire through staffing agencies, you are reducing your hiring risks by several factors. First of all, the candidates who make it through the rigorous screening process are more likely to not only perform well but also to fit into your company culture. Staffing agencies take the time to assess both your company and the candidates to ensure they are compatible. Second of all, when you hire through staffing agencies, you have the freedom to hire workers on temporary contracts instead of committing to a permanent hire. And third of all, staffing agencies take on certain legal obligations that lower risks for your company. By acting as a type of employer of record, staffing agencies assume a level of responsibility for the candidate who gets hired.

Fast Hiring Process
Not every business is able to have a hiring manager. Some companies have HR staff that conduct hiring but this is not their main role and hiring is time-consuming while also not a task this employee is very familiar with. Staffing agencies have a staff dedicated to the screening and rejecting or accepting of candidates. Because dedicated workers at the staffing agencies have lots of experience sifting through resumes, cover letters, skill testing, and more, they can quickly get qualified applicants in the system and available for your company to hire for a streamlined hiring process. This creates a selection pool of pre screened and qualified candidates for your company. When your company partners with staffing agencies, the interview and hiring process are streamlined because the staffing agencies handle all vetting and other time-consuming paperwork. This means you, the hiring company, can focus on an effective interview strategy knowing the candidate is already positioned to be quickly onboarded after a successful interview.


Partner With Qualified Staffing Agencies

If your business needs qualified workers, staffing agencies have a large selection pool of experienced candidates ready to work. At Matrix Labour Leasing, our staffing experts can streamline your hiring process and save your company resources while reducing risk. By outsourcing to Matrix for all of your labour placement needs, you will be gaining a partner with over 4,000,000 employment hours in the Canadian workforce. Our staffing agency based out of Calgary has successfully placed workers with companies all over North America. To build your workforce and to find the right candidates quickly, call Matrix Labour Leasing at 1-403-201-9520 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: Does Matrix Labour Leasing offer services other than recruiting?
A: Yes, Matrix Labour Leasing also offers back office solutions such as payroll funding and employer of records solutions. Read How Back Office Support Solutions Can Help Your Small Business to learn about the benefits of back office services.

Q: Do staffing agencies interview candidates?
A: Yes. Staffing agencies do screen and interview candidates ahead of time for you. Only candidates who pass the initial screening will be presented to the employer. Of course, the employer can choose to participate in the screening process as well.

Q: Can outsourcing my company’s hiring needs save me money?
A: Yes. By hiring professionals who have already invested in networking with quality candidates, you can save significant resources and get straight to the more qualified candidates for your roles.

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