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September 22, 2022

We always look at Fall as a time for new beginnings and new opportunities.  It is also a time for reflection and to celebrate our accomplishments and the people that helped us achieve them, our team, our partners and you, our clients. 

As we celebrate over 20 years in business, it's hard to believe that what started out as a dream in a basement has grown into a national organization that has contributed over 5,000,000 hours of employment to the Canadian workforce and is regarded as an industry leader in Staffing, EOR, Payroll and HR Innovation. 


Our goal has been to professionalize the skilled trades industry by creating white collar stability in a blue collar space. We accomplish this by:

How Can You Work With Matrix?


Matrix is a pioneer of talent acquisition through Social Recruitment.  This means that we have invested in marketing and technology to attract and segment over 40,000 active skilled trades across Canada and 60,000 followers on Social Media.  Our methodology for perpetual and proactive recruitment ensures accuracy, expediency and economics. 

Payroll Funding

In times of prosperity or adversity access to capital can flatten the curve or provide a bridge to facilitate growth.  Through our services, employees are paid regularly and on time.  We provide access to competitive working capital solutions with 15-60 day payment terms (OAC).  Payroll Funding can be used independently or in conjunction with Staffing and EOR. 

Employer of Record (EOR)

Comprehensive HR management (Payroll, Benefits, Compliance, Workers Compensation, etc.) can be both time consuming and expensive. Integrating Matrix’s EOR model into an organization allows for the facilitation of “best in breed” operations. Matrix has helped clients across a wide array of industries reduce overhead, increase efficiencies and mitigate liability.

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Experienced. Innovative. Scalable.

In nearly two decades we’ve developed incredible relationships and had the opportunity to grow together with many of our clients. We are approaching an era for rapid progress and development.  Matrix has created a tested infrastructure that will allow limitless elasticity for growth with proven and cost-effective staffing, financial and administrative tools. We have overlaid this with strong partnerships and certifications that both remove barriers and create opportunities.

Why Matrix?

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