The Matrix Difference


Matrix follows a unique and strategic approach to business development and marketing through the creation of a brand ecosystem and technological workflow that is designed to magnetically and organically attract the right intenders into the platform where they are filtered, segmented and available on demand for placement.  This is a unique and proprietary system developed co-created with StyleLabs’ technology and Matrix’s best in class operational, safety and recruitment practices.  The resulting outcome is a significant reduction in attrition, placement time and administrative overhead.  This process has been refined and repurposed and successfully implemented for business development purposes as well.  

Industries We Serve

For over a decade, Matrix has been developing a on-demand, community powered workforce, segmented and ready to work in the right position and for the right client.  We are proud to offer professional and skilled trades short, medium and long term (permanent) placement, back office, administrative and payroll financing services for the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Hospitality
  • Health and Medical

A Focus on People. Supercharged with Technology

In 2010, Matrix developing a new concept called LABOUR CONNECT. Through this, a two tier marketing/communications program was designed for business development and the acquisition/segmentation of skilled trades and professionals. Here's how it works...


100% of recruitment is facilitated through:

  • Social Media 
  • Online Communities (Labour Connect, Silent Salesman.)
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

Business Development

Over 60% of business generated through: 

  • SEO Machine Learning
  • Online advertising
  • Retargeting
  • PR
  • Email Marketing / Automation
  • Drip Campaigns

A Captive Audience.  Grown Organically and Nurtured Through Simplified, Iterative Segmentation. 

✅Multiple page 1 placements. 

✅Almost 8300 Facebook followers.

✅Over 13,000 LinkedIN followers / connections.

✅Over 30,000 active email subscribers.

✅30,600 members in Matrix Heavy Equipment Operator Facebook group.

With an audience of over 50,000 trades and professionals aggregated through social channels, online advertising, social channels and direct contact and nurtured through Matrix's segmentation engine, we can find you the right people, for the right positions on time, on budget and with record-breaking reductions in attrition.

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Labour Connect - Inspired by The Motivation to Create a New DeFacto

In 2014 Matrix Labour Leasing developed Labour Connect platform. The purpose of Labour Connect was to create a “software as a service platform” to streamline, socialize and optimize the recruitment process through "true" social recruiting and HR methodologies.

Value to Matrix

  • Develop tech vertical for diversification while leveraging core competencies.
  • Application into Matrix model for proof of concept and refinement prior to commercialization.
  • Development of research tool to gain perspective and advantage on industry pulse.

Value to Subscriber

  • Achieve cost reductions of up to 80% per placement.
  • Onboard five to ten times faster.
  • Reduce attrition by 50% through better segmentation.
  • Implement bespoke, white-labelled social recruitment platform into existing tech infrastructure.
  • Access to over ¼ million dollars in technology for the price of a subscription.

Needs Analysis

Recruiters, staffing agencies and HR departments have one key mandate:
To hire the right people and place them in the right positions.

Although at a high level, hiring may seem as easy as posting a position and selecting a candidate, the resources required to:

  • Define a position,
  • Drive the application process
  • Candidate selection
  • On-boarding and;
  • Training, etc.

... can become very expensive, influencing project feasibility, outcome, client confidence and overall financial health.

This is why, hiring has to be done right, mitigating as many points of potential failure as possible.

Unfortunately, studies show that over the last decade, with the unmanageable volume of applications and resumes that are submitted (especially during economic down turns) both the accuracy of candidate placements and new hire productivity has drastically fallen and attrition has increased.

Although access to the Internet and (specifically) leveraging portals like LinkedIN, Indeed and Kijiji "should" increase efficiency and reduce cost of acquisition, the volume of unfiltered candidates it drives, leaves hiring teams with unmanageable buckets of meta data that must be manually indexed before it can objectively be compared and analyzed.

Recruiters and Hiring managers report skimming 50-75 percent of resumes for key indicators before scheduling interviews and making hiring decisions. In retrospect, the 25-50% that are disregarded have yielded "superior" candidates that were disregarded completely due to paper burden.

These supposed efficiencies or "shortcuts" that appear to offer time and cost savings in the short run, often come attached with catastrophic consequences including (but not limited to):

  • High replacement costs
  • Eroded efficiency
  • Project delays and failures
  • Client impact and attrition
  • Organizational death

Hiring in the skilled trades and professional space adds another layer of complication. Our studies show that the number one challenge that comes with recruiting this segment is access to a "current" resume with sufficient detail to make an educated hiring decision.

We interviewed over 100 Project Managers and Sr. Management. 87% attributed poor staffing/placement/attrition to project delays and failure. An equally important footnote to this feedback was the "unacceptable" gap in time between a staffing mandate and post on-boarding fulfilment. From this group's perspective, inaccuracy and delay were both significantly detrimental to the overall business.


  • Candidate Resume Builder
  • Virtual Interviewing
  • Deep Candidate Segmentation
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Ticket and Certificate Management
  • Document Repository


  • Compile a resume through an easy to use wizard. Exportable as PDF and/or a clickable link.
  • Upload and manage their tickets online. Receiving alerts before expiry so that they remain current and mitigate loss of employment opportunities.
  • Be alerted to job opportunities via email and/or SMS.


  • Can broadcast an opportunity to a specific, highly targeted segment, with one click.
  • Can message single users, segmented groups, un segmented groups or community wide.
  • Query and segment by demographics, skill sets, experience and status of tickets.
  • Review candidate notes, history, and previous applications.
  • Rank and evaluate candidates against an open position through compatibility rankings/scores.
  • Unify and upload candidates from previous databases and spreadsheets, automatically create profiles and manually create or invite users to complete.
  • Can initiate and execute interviews in person or through virtual interview rooms.
    • Labour Connect responsive design allows both the interviewer and interviewee to toggle between any connected desktop, tablet and mobile device.

Through agile, community driven innovation, Labour connect has and will continue to consolidate, solidify and professionalize skilled trade and professional hiring through a targeted, user-driven experience that simplifies the successful connection between employers and employees.


See featured walkthrough here:

Feature Walkthrough

Quantifiable Measures

  1. With our pioneering client, we were able to prove:
    1. Drastic cost reductions  
    2. Exponentially speed up placements (from 1-2 weeks to same business day)
    3. Improved operational efficiency within the subscriber organization through a moderated on boarding process.

Technology Upgrades

On August 1st, 2018 Matrix added Silent Salesman technology ot its Labour Connect platform.

Silent Salesman was designed to automate the sales/communication/follow up process while ensuring that each touchpoint is consistent, timed and professionally articulated (while preserving the optics of personalization).

Matrix leverages this same workflow for bulk prospect/candidate messaging.

Matrix has developed a custom module to consolidate and cross sync all prospects and candidates from Labour Connect, Stafftrak, etc. to ensure that all databases reflect identical information. When a specific trade is required, the technology broadcasts an email and text message to all qualified candidates. Upon opening the correspondence, retargeting is also activated prompting candidates/ prospects to refer other trades for an honorarium. This is displayed on Google, Facebook, LinkedIN and Instagram. 

Your HR Department in a Box - Delivering at a Whole New Level 

Experience, Technology, Commitment and a Strong "Why".  We've done everything we can to check all the boxes!  Interested in working with us? For us? We're on a mission to create new jobs and keep our country employed.  Contact us for a free consultation.  We'd love to have the opportunity to work together!



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