Understanding Social Recruitment and Staffing


Nearly a decade ago, Matrix partnered with StyleLabs to facilitate its Marketing, Strategy, and Technology. Our goal was to come together and re-define the recruitment and placement process, with the intent of creating a new DeFacto for skilled trades hiring. We are proud to be the industry's first "True" Social Recruitment Platform.

There is a universe of candidates out there. Through our Labour Connect technology, we are able to identify and segment active prospects so that placement is accurate, expedient, and always on budget. We are focused on getting people in the right positions.

By using our Labour Connect technology has an accelerant for your business development, you can expect:

  • High client satisfaction
  • Scaling higher returns
  • Lower attrition rates

Keep Advancing Your Business With State-Of-The-Art Technology

During the digital transformation and innovation of Labour Connect, Matrix remained community-driven and employee-centric. The focus has always been on enhancing the quality of life for our community, delivering the highest quality of work, and facilitating win-wins for all parties. 

Keeping this organization's finger on the pulse of groundbreaking technology has resulted in: 

  • Significant Cost Reductions.
  • Reduced Attrition Over 50%.
  • Significantly Improve Operational Efficiency. 
  • Accelerated Onboarding That Is 5 - 10 x Faster Than The Original.

The Future Of Labour Placement is Labour Connect

We’ve successfully built a social media platform that not only connects workers to employers in a friendlier way but also connects people to other people.

It has a lot of social features like the ability to comment on job postings and send messages to other people. The most important part is that Labour Connect makes it easy to see the job postings that are best suited to each person, and lets them apply with the click of a button. This makes the application process simple and intuitive.

Think of it as an aggregation of best practices from Indeed, LinkedIn and the other online job sites in the market, but with more of a social focus.




Q: What can Labour Connect help my business achieve?

Significant cost reductions, reduced attrition, overall efficiency improvements, accelerated onboarding and more!

Q: How is Labour Connect different than any other social media?

Labour connect is focused on connecting workers with employers and streamlines the ability to find jobs that match their talents.




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