Construction Jobs: These Are 5 Of The Top-Paying Construction Jobs In Canada

Construction Jobs: These Are 5 Of The Top-Paying Construction Jobs In Canada

Are you just starting your journey into the construction industry? Or maybe you’re considering switching fields or specializations? Either way, you may want to know what specific construction jobs can offer you a lucrative future in the construction industry. The following positions are some of the top-paying construction jobs in Canada and they all offer an opportunity for hands-on work, coordination with other workers, and the chance to contribute to companies of various sizes. If you are interested in these positions, staffing agencies can help you find available career opportunities, and if you are just starting out, staffing agencies may be able to offer apprenticeship resources.

Top Paying Construction Jobs

  1. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
    These construction jobs require you to work on specialty equipment often used in industries such as mining, forestry, transportation, and material handling. Because these fields use specialized equipment, they need heavy-duty equipment technicians who can cater to their specific needs, which leads to better pay. Some of the industries in need of heavy-duty equipment technicians are location specific and may require workers to do on-site work that necessitates a fly-in-fly-out position. This makes certain positions even more lucrative for workers willing to do potentially long rotations. On average, heavy-duty equipment technicians make about $84,200 annually in the year they are certified.
  2. Industrial Electrician
    These construction jobs require workers to design the electrical layouts of (often very large) industrial buildings. Industrial electricians are responsible for the maintenance, inspection, and installation of electrical systems throughout the building. Industrial electricians may also need to work with motors, generators, and batteries. These construction jobs can generate an annual salary of about $77,000 in the first year of certification, but reports have shown the average salary amount for this position increases by approximately 15% with two years of experience after receiving certification.
  3. Industrial Mechanic
    Also referred to as millwrights, these construction jobs require a person to work on the cooling, hydraulics, fueling, lubrication, and other maintenance duties that are required to keep industrial equipment working. This often involves working with large machines and coordinating with other workers such as engineers and technicians. Industrial mechanics can work for a variety of industries as their skills are largely transferable, although they may need to research and learn about equipment specific to certain construction industries. This position typically makes about $76,000 in the year a worker is certified and they can make about 16% more than this in the following several years.
  4. Pipefitter
    Also referred to as steamfitters, these construction jobs require a person to design, assemble, repair, and perform maintenance on pipes used for various purposes. Pipefitters need to have extensive knowledge of safety regulations while also having experience in welding, rigging, hoisting, pipe design, and pipe assembly. These construction jobs offer work in nearly every community, as many buildings rely on pipes to transport anything from water to natural gas and propane. Pipefitters can earn about $74,010 in the year they are certified with wage increases of about 10% with several years of experience after that.
  5. Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Mechanic
    These mechanics can either work in residential or commercial buildings to ensure proper heating and cooling systems. This can range from basic air conditioning units to industrial refrigeration and deep freezers. These construction jobs require workers to know how to plan, install, repair, and maintain all forms of refrigeration. Because of the versatility of this position, it is a highly in-demand construction job across Canada and positions can be found in most cities for workers with this training. The typical annual income for a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic is typically around $70,0000, although there has been a significant increase in the wages for this position in the last few years. Wages have gone up nearly 20% recently.

Find Your Dream Construction Jobs With A Calgary Staffing Company

If you are new to the construction industry, just starting your education, or looking for a change of construction trades, staffing agencies are a great resource. Staffing agencies can help you make connections and can help you find positions at any point in your construction career. Whether you are looking for a temporary position or something permanent, Matrix Labour Leasing can help you make connections with professionals in the construction industry and can set you up for a lucrative construction job. To join a top-quality staffing agency employee roster, contact Matrix Labour Leasing at 1-403-201-9520 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Where can I find construction jobs in Canada?
A: You can begin your job search at our in-house job board.

Q: I don’t have much experience, can Matrix help me find entry level construction jobs?
A: Matrix Labour Leasing works with people of all experience levels. We can help you make new connections through our extensive network so that you can begin your new construction job. If you are looking for a new position, read No Experience Needed! 6 Promising Entry-Level Construction Jobs.

Q: Do applicants have to pay the recruiting agency?
A: No, they do not. Staffing agencies are hired and paid by charging the company in which the candidate has been successfully placed, not the candidate. If a staffing agency charges the applicants a fee, they are not a trustworthy staffing agency.

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