Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Matrix HR delivers insightful, effective, and customized staffing and human resources solutions across a number of sectors including:

When you partner with Matrix HR you benefit from over 20 years of expertise in delivering effective and transformational staffing and HR solutions to companies across North America. When you choose Matrix HR you leverage our carefully cultivated network of global talent, our partnership with People 2.0 to deliver advanced, international EOR (Employer of Record) services, our strategies to scale your operations quickly and without limit, and our commitment to fostering workplace environments that prioritize diversity, inclusivity, and responsibility so you can focus your team’s energies on growth and profitability.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

The accounting and finance industry is facing significant staffing challenges that can make it difficult to attract and retain qualified professionals:

  • A Shortage of Skilled Professionals: Demand for accounting and finance services continues to grow but the supply of qualified workers has not kept pace. This shortage leads to increased competition among firms for talent, driving up wages and straining smaller firms.
  • Rapidly Changing Technology Landscape: With the emergence of automation and AI, many traditional accounting and finance tasks are becoming automated. Firms must adapt by training their staff in new skills or risk becoming obsolete. This can be particularly challenging for smaller firms with limited resources.
  • Aging Workforce: The accounting and finance industry is facing a significant demographic shift, with many experienced professionals nearing retirement age. This demographic shift can lead to a loss of institutional knowledge and experience, which can be difficult to replace.


Continued growth is in the forecast for many sectors across the construction industry, but to remain competitive, profitable, and resilient, construction companies need to overcome common and ongoing construction staffing and HR challenges including:

  • Skilled Labour Shortages: The construction industry is facing a significant shortage of skilled labour, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople. This shortage is due to a combination of factors, including an aging workforce, a lack of training programs, and competition from other industries.
  • Retention: Retaining skilled workers is a considerable challenge in the construction industry. Many workers leave the industry early due to the physical demands of the job, lack of career advancement opportunities, and the perception of the industry as low-paying and low-skilled.
  • Technology: The construction industry is increasingly relying on technology to improve efficiency and productivity, but this also requires workers to have new skills and knowledge. Companies must not only hire for the skills needed today, but to build a workforce of adaptable labour for the skills of tomorrow.


Civil engineering is critical to the Canadian economy, providing the infrastructure necessary to sustain and support economic growth across a number of industries. This infrastructure facilitates the movement of goods and people and creates demand for labour and materials. The engineering sector is facing staffing challenges including: 

  • An Aging Workforce: According to Engineers Canada over 40% of engineers are 55 years and older. 
  • Lack Of Diversity: Women, Indigenous people, and other minorities are underrepresented in the field of civil engineering. Women make up only 13% and Indigenous people only 1.4% of the workforce.
  • Shortage Of Skilled Engineering Professionals: The field of civil engineering is expected to grow by 25% each year. Without an effective staffing strategy, companies could find themselves struggling to find qualified candidates amid the increased demand.

Matrix HR has in-depth industry insight and experience building innovative staffing strategies to help your organization position itself competitively to attract, hire, and retain the top civil engineering talent in the years to come.

Executive Search

Executive Search

Building an effective leadership team is a complex process. The most credentialed, the highest paid, or the most accomplished executive does not necessary equal the best leadership resources for your organization. Matrix HR’s executive search is a comprehensive strategy that assesses your organizational needs, your goals for growth, your unique workplace values and culture, and current labour market trends in your industry to best understand the nuances of the most ideal executive candidate for your company. Augment your existing leadership or build the executive team to support your organization’s mandate with Matrix HR executive search strategies.



Government and public sector organizations can face very unique challenges to staffing and HR. These obstacles require thoughtful and intentional strategies to build and sustain a skilled and committed workforce. Some of the issues faced by government organizations include:

  • Recruitment and Retention: Government and public sector agencies are in competition with private sector organizations (often with higher compensation structures) in attracting and retaining talented and qualified employee
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Even more than private sector companies, government organizations are expected to deliver diversity and inclusion in their workforce. 
  • Budget Constraints: Budget considerations are critical for all businesses, but financial constraints can limit government agencies' ability to offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.
  • Political Change: Changes in government leadership and policy can impact staffing levels and priorities. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Government agencies often face great scrutiny regarding regulatory compliance.


The healthcare industry is facing numerous staffing challenges that are impacting the quality of care provided to patients and stressing an already overburdened workforce. Here are some of the major staffing challenges facing the healthcare industry today:

  • Shortage of Qualified Healthcare Professionals: There is a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and support staff in communities across North America. This has resulted in increased workloads and burnout among existing staff, leading to a smaller candidate pool for employers to access and a decrease in the quality of care provided.
  • High Turnover Rates: Many healthcare professionals experience burnout and stress due to the long hours and high-pressure work environment. This leads to high turnover rates, which can make it difficult for healthcare organizations to retain qualified teams of healthcare providers.
  • Geographical Imbalances: There are geographical imbalances in the distribution of healthcare professionals, with many rural areas and low-income neighbourhoods attracting fewer healthcare professionals than urban areas. This makes it difficult for employers in these areas to deliver quality health care.
  • Increased Demand for Healthcare Services: As the population continues to age, there is an increased demand for healthcare services. This puts pressure on healthcare organizations to provide high-quality care while also managing costs.
Human Resources

Human Resources

Human resources is critical to the growth and profitability of your organization by managing recruitment and hiring, retention, training and development, succession planning, compliance, and fostering a positive work environment that inspires engagement, innovation, and productivity.

Matrix HR can help bolster your in-house human resources with several comprehensive services including recruiting and staffing, executive search, EOR (Employer of Record) services, payroll administration, and payroll funding and financing. We can help your company implement advanced technologies to strengthen and streamline all aspects of workforce management. Matrix HR solutions can help you build your own team of top HR professionals, supplement your existing human resources offerings, or become your full-service, third-party HR provider mitigating your in-house risk and ensuring compliance in every jurisdiction.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT)

Some of the most challenging obstacles for companies recruiting for top IT professionals include:

  • High Demand: Recruiting industry specialists report as many as four job vacancies for every available IT professional.
  • Competitive Compensation: Talent shortages mean that top IT professionals can command hefty compensation packages.  
  • Ineffective Recruiting Strategies: You may not find the top IT performers on the usual recruiting platforms.
  • Inaccurate Role Descriptions: Because IT roles can be highly specialized, drafting accurate descriptions to attract and screen the right candidates can be challenging.

Some of the IT industry’s most highly-sought candidates are network architects, user support specialists, IT security analysts, systems analysts, and database administrators.



The insurance industry plays a critical role in promoting financial stability, managing risk, and supporting economic growth and development. Building and sustaining a skilled, experienced workforce is crucial to remaining competitive and profitable. Insurance companies across a variety of sectors can struggle to meet staffing demands due to challenges in:

  • Talent Acquisition: Insurance companies can find it difficult to attract and retain talented professionals, particularly in specialized areas such as actuarial science and data analytics. 
  • Succession Planning: With many experienced employees approaching retirement age, insurance companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring that they have a pipeline of qualified and capable employees to fill their roles. 
  • Advanced Tech Skills: As insurance companies adopt more advanced technologies, they are finding it difficult to find employees with the necessary skills to manage and use these tools effectively. 
  • Remote Workplace Expectations: There is an increased expectation of remote work, which presents challenges for insurance companies that traditionally rely on in-person interactions with clients and colleagues. Insurance companies must adapt to this new way of working while maintaining high levels of productivity and customer service.

Matrix HR can help insurance companies attract and retain talented industry professionals by building targeted recruitment strategies, leveraging our existing talent database and social media and digital channels to reach potential candidates, developing comprehensive succession plans, implementing diversity and inclusion strategies, upskilling their existing workforce by attracting new talent with the necessary technical expertise, and providing remote work policies and guidelines with effective EOR and back office HR solutions.



The manufacturing industry is a changing landscape as consumer demands and expectations prompt digital transformations like automation and robotics, dictate sustainability and environmentally responsible practices, and organizations struggle to control costs and remain competitive. Some of the biggest challenges facing the manufacturing industry are:

  • Labour Shortages: There is a shortage of skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. As the workforce ages, there is a lack of trained workers to replace them and the manufacturing industry faces increased competition from other industries for skilled labour.
  • Skills Gaps: Many workers do not have the necessary skills to work in modern manufacturing environments, which often require knowledge of automation, robotics, and advanced technologies.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: The manufacturing industry struggles to attract a diverse workforce, with women, Indigenous people, and minorities underrepresented in many roles.
  • Retention: Due to the increased competition of skilled labour across many industries, talent loss impacts the manufacturing industry. High turnover rates can be costly for manufacturing companies, and employers need to prioritize a positive work environment and offer competitive compensation structures to retain their most valuable employees.


The mining industry provides critical resources for businesses in every sector, worldwide, but the industry faces numerous challenges in staffing and HR including:

  • An Aging Workforce: Many workers in the industry are approaching retirement age, and there is a limited pool of young talent to replace them. This demographic shift can lead to shortages of skilled workers, particularly in positions that require significant experience and knowledge.
  • Talent Competition: Many mining roles, such as geologists, engineers, and heavy equipment operators,  require specialized skills. These skills are also in high demand in other industries, such as construction, oil and gas, and technology, making it difficult for mining companies to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Remote Job Sites: The remote locations of many mines can make it challenging to attract long-term workers. 

Matrix HR has the industry knowledge to provide customized, effective, and comprehensive staffing and HR solutions to mining organizations, globally. When you partner with us, we help you develop the strategies to attract and retain top talent, ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations, enhance employee engagement, and fortify your workforce to meet the challenges of the future.

Oil And Gas

Oil And Gas

The staffing and HR challenges faced by North American oil and gas companies can impact an organization's ability to innovate, meet demand, increase efficiency, and remain competitive. Some of the most common challenges include:

  • Scalability and Labour Market Shifts: Oil and gas companies often struggle to develop scalable staffing solutions to address economic fluctuations.
  • Specialized Skill Sets: Tech advancements are impacting the skill sets required in oil and gas workforces and companies struggle to address emerging skill gaps.
  • High Turnover: The boom and bust nature of the oil and gas industry leads to high staff turnover rates.
  • Lack Of Diversity: The oil and gas industry is traditionally male-dominated and employers need staffing solutions that focus on attracting and retaining women, Indigenous people, and other minorities.
Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades

Labour shortages across North America are putting skilled tradespeople in high demand. Businesses of all sizes and from every sector are expected to continue to encounter staffing obstacles such as recruiting top talent, scaling the workforce for seasonal and project-based fluctuations, replacing an aging workforce, and retaining talent resources in a competitive labour market. Matrix HR delivers customized staffing solutions to connect your business with our network of highly trained and experienced skilled trades professionals from entry level to master craftspeople and leadership. When you partner with Matrix to develop an effective and competitive staffing solution, you gain access to our global database of skilled trades workers and insightful, innovative, and experienced strategies.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

As companies strive to increase revenue, connect with customers, develop their brand, and remain competitive in a changing landscape, sales and marketing roles are more in demand than ever. Marketing organizations are challenged with:

  • Recruitment: To attract top sales and marketing talent, companies may need to leverage non-traditional platforms to connect with potential candidates. 
  • Retention: Companies invest significant resources in recruiting and training sales and marketing professionals, but fail to prioritize retention. With high demand, sales and marketing professionals often receive attractive job offers from competitors or seek the next best opportunity, resulting in high employee turnover rates. This turnover can have a significant impact on company productivity and profitability and drain time and money resources.
  • Connecting With The Right Candidates: Companies building their sales and marketing teams need to consider diversity and inclusion and strive to create an inclusive and diverse workplace that represents the customers they serve. This means attracting and retaining employees from a range of backgrounds, cultures, and career journeys to build the most creative and forward-thinking teams.
Supply Chain and Operations

Supply Chain and Operations

The supply chain industry plays a crucial role in the healthy functioning of the global economy facilitating the movement of goods and services from manufacturers to consumers and supporting economic growth. We have seen the devastating effects of unstable supply chains in recent years due to the global pandemic, trade restrictions, and increasing inflation. The supply chain and operations industry has been impacted by several staffing and HR challenges including:

  • Labour Shortages: The demand for skilled workers in areas such as logistics, transportation, and warehousing is outpacing the supply of available workers, leading to increased competition for skilled labour.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: The supply chain industry struggles with diversity and inclusion, with underrepresented groups such as women, Indigenous people, and other minorities underrepresented in leadership roles and in the overall workforce. 
  • Skill Gaps: The supply chain is impacted by the aging workforce leaving many companies struggling to attract and train younger workers to fill the skills gap left by retiring workers.
  • Automation And Technology: The supply chain industry is undergoing significant technological disruption, with the adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation.


The tech industry is one of the most rapidly growing and dynamic industries in the world today. With the increasing demand for digital transformation and innovation, companies in the tech industry need comprehensive strategies to build competitive tech workforces. Just some of the staffing challenges facing the tech industry are:

  • Competition For Top Talent: The demand for tech talent far outweighs the supply, resulting in a highly competitive job market where companies struggle to attract and retain qualified employees. The shortage of advanced workers is further compounded by the rapid pace of technological advancement, which requires companies to constantly update their skill requirements.
  • Diversity And Inclusion: Women and minorities are underrepresented in the tech industry as many companies struggle to create inclusive workplaces. This lack of diversity not only limits the talent pool but also leads to a lack of perspective and creativity within the industry.
  • Rapid Change: Companies need to be able to adapt quickly to technological changes and be agile in their recruitment strategies. The increasing adoption of remote work structures and the need for a global talent pool also present challenges for companies in terms of hiring and managing staff effectively.

Some of the tech industry’s most highly-sought candidates are software developers, web developers, AI integration specialists, user experience (UX) specialists, full-stack developers, project managers, and blockchain engineers.

Matrix HR delivers powerful staffing and HR solutions to fortify your tech workforce including proactive recruitment strategies, leveraging partnerships with educational institutions, and supplementing your HR offerings to allow you to focus your efforts on growth and profitability. Our strategies prioritize inclusive workplaces and developing processes to attract diverse talent. Our EOR strategies can help you adopt remote work structures and international talent resources and integrate technology to streamline recruitment processes and productivity.

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